Meet the DJ Collective Tabass-co!

Tabass-co was founded in 2008 by three jocks: DJ Moussa, Alex Montoya and The Soulslammer. All of them bring many years of individual dj experience which results in very broad and eclectic sets. This has led to an impressive list of bookings over the past years, with highlights like: North Sea Jazz Festival, Life I Live, IFFR, The Hague Jazz, Parade and club/parties in various places like BIRD, Paard and lots more. 

Especially memorable were the evenings where the dj’s merged together in jamming sessions with performers such as; The New Cool Collective, Splendid, Chef Special and Quantic. 

Our massive collection of vinyl makes sure that our sound is Fresh, Surprising and Spicy.

For the upcoming season this will mean that you will have to keep your eye out for us as we will be playing all over the place.

Dj Moussa aká (Moussaman Tabass-co)

"Starting in 1980 with DJ'ing as a 10 year old in primary school, inspired and stimulated by his teacher, this laid the foundation for a more than forty year DJ career with performances at home and abroad. Moussa's style is mainly characterized by a percussive sound that is inspired by Afro, Latin, Brasil and Caribbean rhythms, which together with Disco and Housebeats form a beautiful fusion.

Moussa, who is a percussionist and drummer, has also performed many performances with various West African and Dutch reknown drummers, which is clearly noticeable in his spinning style.

This, in combination with his DJ and production skills, resulted in the beginning of 2000 in the live project “Percussion du Disque” together with his brother Jaco Benders who is active as a percussionist and drummer in Tabass-co.

In addition to Tabass-co, DJ Moussa plays weekly in mainly Rotterdam and The Hague clubs..

Alex Montoya

Founder of 'Downbeat Metro' and avid collector of rare grooves and obscurities.

Black music is his passion ranging from Jazz, Reggae and  Funk to the more uptempo Club and Afro sounds and anything in between..  

Former resident DJ of "Het Paard" in The Hague, and Jazzclub Panonica, he performed in the Netherlands as well as abroad...

The Soulslammer

Already made reputation as Frank-E, regular DJ at the "Het Paard" in The Hague.

He rocked "Lowlands Festival". He is the godfather of the "Grooveyard", mister Rare Grooves.

His Funk parties became famous under the name "The Funk Syndicate".

As the "Soulslammer" he goes back to his roots.

Our Guest DJ's

  • DJ Gene Williams - Shifting Gears Records
  • Trish Preston aka DJ Miss Brown

Our Guest Musicians


  • Coen Kaldeway - Coen Kaldeway Quartet
  • Marco Hijl
  • Julienne Sax


  • Via Monro - Latin Percussion
  • Jaco Benders - African Drums


  • Dorona Alberti - Käsebrot, Gare du Nord
  • D.N.A. - The Hague MC, L4


  • Rene Sommer


Tabass-Co is a snazzy DJ collective spinning old and new vinyl at any location or occasion you can imagine. We have played at a great variety of places and parties, both nationally and internationally.


Our collective consists of 3 DJ' and a Sax player, each of them adding a unique sound of his own ranging from Afro, Funk, Latin, Brazil, Jazz to Nu Grooves and Broken Beats. This results in a tight yet very diverse sound with one common demeanor: It’s always very, very danceable.


The massive collection of vinyl we share amongst each other makes sure that our sound is always fresh and surprising. For the upcoming season this means that you will have to keep your eye out for us; we'll be playing all over the place so make sure not to miss it!